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Focus on Calcium
Why are High Calcium Foods important?
High calcium foods are important for strong bones & teeth. Children and teenagers who are growing, pregnant women and women who have reached menopause need to have extra calcium. Food consumption studies indicate that Singaporeans, particularly women, are not consuming enough calcium in their daily diet. Foods like milk products, fish with bones, dried beans and some leafy green vegetables are good sources of calcium
How much calcium do you need daily?
  • Children: 500 - 700 mg
  • Adults: 500 mg
  • Pregnant women: 1200 mg
  • Lactating women: 1200 mg
  • Menopausal women: 1200 mg
Here are some ways to get more calcium into your diet:
»Drink a glass of low fat milk daily. One cup provides you with 300 mg of calcium.
»If you do not like milk, try yoghurt, low fat cheese or a malt beverage.
»Two tablespoons of ikan bilis or 2 sardines gives you about 200 mg of calcium.
»You can also get calcium from beancurd, soya beans, and lentils. Include these as part of your diet each day.
»Vegetables like spinach, kai lan and broccoli tops contain 20 - 150 mg per cup.
High Calcium Foods
Eat 2 to 3 servings daily Serving mg
»Milk 1 cup 290
»Yogurt 1 carton 350
»Malt Beverage (Horlicks, Nestomalt, etc.) 2 tablespoons 500
  Cheese, low fat 1 oz. 200
  Ikan bilis 2 tbsp. 200
  Sardines 1 fish 117
  Tofu (beancurd) 1 sm. square 115
  Dried soya beans 1 cup 390
  Lentils 1 cup 230
  Baked beans 4 tbsp. 40
  Broccoli tops 1 large stalk 200
  Kai Lan 1 cup 116
  Spinach 1 cup 84
  Ice cream 1 scoop 70

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